Pan Mixer Making Machine

PAN Mixer Machine

Ash Brick Engineering proffers Pan Mixer Machine to combine the exact combination for your day to day activity. It is the right choice to replace your routine manual construction activity by our automatic Pan Mixer Machine. The automatic Pan Mixer machine will work more efficiently and it will give the uttermost result. Pan Mixer design available with Three Models – Pan Mixer-250, Pan Mixer-500 and Pan Mixer-600.Pan Mixer mixes the raw material consisting Fly Ash, lime, sand and water. The output will be a very uniform and consistent paste that is further processed and compressed to produce bricks of maximum uniformity for superior strength and hardness. The machines have the capacity of 250kg, 500kg and 600kg. Pan Mixer Machine is ready for sale. Order your Pan mixer machine today.!

ITEM UNIT 250Kg 500Kg 600Kg
Capacity Kgs 250 500 600
Shell Diameter Mm 1250 1600 1800
Shell Height Mm 600 700 700
Scrappers No 2 2 2
Gear Box No 6 9 9
Outpur RPM RPM 36-40 36-40 36-40
Shell Bottom Plate Mm 20 20 20
Wear Plate Mm 6 6 6
Motor H.P 10 20 25