Multi Brick Making Maching

Multi Brick Making Machine

Multi Brick Making Machine is our new product. We simplifies your need with 5500 blocks to 7000 blocks a day! Our Multi Brick Making Machine available in two models M1500 & Model - M2000.

M1500 - Multi Brick Machine

100x200x400 6 Blocks Stroke 5500 Blocks per day
150x200x400 5 Blocks Stroke 5000 Blocks per day
200x200x400 4 Blocks Stroke 4000 Blocks per day

Model - M2000 - Multi Bricks Machine

100x200x400 12 Blocks Stroke 9000 Blocks per day
150x200x400 10 Blocks Stroke 8000 Blocks per day
200x200x400 8 Blocks Stroke 7000 Blocks per day